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Henry Howard II (1786-1865) was a Conservative politician, first Minister of Transport and 2nd Prime Minister. His mandate is known for being a separatist stretch, as he tried to give Bancairn a national identity.

Early life[]

He was born to Thomas and Elaine Howard in the traditional Howard settlement of Port Sarah. His childhood was spent lurking around Howard Manor, playing hide-and-seek with his sisters and going to see his father, the King. When he was 9, His father had to step down and leave the manor to Henry Farman, newly crowned. He led a first anti-monarchist demonstration at the age of 20, with Farnham and Markson. After being severely punished by his father, he promised to stop and stayed isolated and discreet till 1839, working as a lawyer and Secretary of the National Railway.

Political career[]

In 1839 he was elected Minister of Transport and Communications, where he led an innovative policy, investing lots of money into publicizing the railway and making it accessible to all. In 1843 he was elected PM. He then strived to give the country it's identity, and strongly resented giving Citizenship to "new" foreigners. He left politics at the end of his mandate, turning to law and starting up a Attorney's office in Newtown.