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Herabis Emblem

The Herabis emblem

Herabis is the internal security force in the Selea Republic.


Herabis is the shortened form for helaska rabiran iskari meaning State Protection Group.


Herabis was established by Lacus Aesiri in the year 452 as a response to the 451 murder of Parliament member Johann ver Rouksha and under pressure from her brother Reoul Aesiri.

Important Directors[]

Reoul Aesiri (452-731)[]

  • 473 - located Haou Aesiri in Pandora
  • 492 - Establishment of OPA
  • 694-697 - Unification Wars
  • 731 - averted Purist revolt

Luce Almarche (731-759)[]

Massive expansions of Herabis occurred during Luce Almarche's directorship. Many of the modern offices, or what would eventually become offices, came into existence during this time period.


Members of Herabis are not required to wear uniforms most of the time. During court appearances and other major appearances, members wear a long black coat with the royal seal on the left shoulder. A funeral uniform also exists, similar to the standard uniform with gold trimming and red symbols below the royal seal.

Famous Members[]