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Hesperia City is a global city on La Grande Terre in the Kerguelan archipelago, constructed by the Franco-German Commonwealth, with tremendous Everetti assistance, in addition to member nations of the Hesperian Alliance, where diplomacy will dominate. It is often advertised by the FGC as the new international world capital.


The governmental and economic structure of the current main settlement on the island, Port-aux-Français, was modified so as to serve as a port for the arrival of large quantities of building supplies. The harbor was dredged to accommodate large amounts of ships. The Grand Hall was the next building to be finished. It sported a vast hexagonal design reminiscent of the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia. A genetics lab was established on the island, with a plan to modify the feral cats and rabbits on the isl

and into new non-invasive forms. This building looks like a white cube with a see-through geodesic dome right next to it so as to test the new creations in a small controlled version of the island's ecology. The ecology will, when the funding and technology become feasible, be modified so as to fit seamlessly with a highly urbanized environment.

Hesperia City was an experiment in building styles, combining details from around the world into a distinct architectural style, meant to be used to unify the Western culture. Surrounding the port was constructed a massive skyline. Many buildings are constructed in a gothic style, resembling skyscrapers combined with cathedrals, one of which, the Tour du Hesperia, is as tall as the Burj al Arab. Romanesque buildings adorn the center of the island, built out of solid stone.

The largest building wasbuilt on the side of one of the Two Brothers Mountains. The builders created an intricate structurely sound building structure, each story a different architectural form. This building style is symbolically significant in that the ingenuity of man was used to conquer nature, transforming a mountain into the ultimate symbol of civilization. The mountain origin also symbolized the fact that man needs creation to build his legacy upon.

The whole city was designed so man's influence on the island would be immortal, hence the Civilization Pavillion and the ecological modification.

The Civilization Pavilion[]

The Civilization Pavilion, as it was named,  is designed to withstand the test of time, to outlast the surrounding city. The first few layers are reinforced with an experimental buckyfiber mesh for greater support, and are designed with arches supporting it throughout these levels. Many were skeptical that all of the proposed styles could be blended into an elegant beautiful fashion. But the brilliant German architects hired by the Franco-German team responsible for the project accomplished this in a beautiful fashion by strategically transitioning the architectural styles.

Architectural Styles in Decending Order on the Civilizational Pavilion

Egyptian Pyramid

Mesoamerican Step-Pyramid
Greek Pillar Temple
Gothic Cathedral
Neoclassic Empire style (ie: Arc de Triomphe)

Russian imperial "onion-spire"

Civilizational Pavilion

Basic Blueprint and Inspiration for the Civilizational Pavilion