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Hippocrates Medical Vessel
Volanave Enterprises & The Carothinian State Aero Factory
Product line Transportus (Medicali)
Role Medical Transport Vessel
Dimensions 202 m long and 90 m wide and 50 m high.
Armament TSR Drones, KEFIR Turrets
Complement N/A
Affiliation The Empire of Holy Caroth

The Hippocrates Medical Vessel is the main medical shuttle of the Empire and used in almost every large-scale operation in conjunction with heavier vessels. It is part of the Transportus (Medicali) product line designed and partially manufactured by Volanave Enterprises for the Empire. The Hippocrates Medical Vessel was jointly designed by Volanave Enterprises and The Carothinian State Aero Factory(TCAF) in the year C30-H1-D1-A1. Although originally manufactured by Volanave it is wholly manufactured at the TCAF. It is equipped with a limited supply of Tactical Short Range drones,leaving the ship only capable of defending itself against non-intense attacks requiring support in hostile areas. It is very mobile and easily navigated compared to its most common carrier, the Titan-class transport ship.