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  • Exploration of Space
  • First Contact with Non-Adpihi Humans
  • First Contact with Non-Human Species
  • Mostly Peaceful Admission of Non-Adpihi and/or Non-Human Groups into the Reptigan Union
  • Is it the Reptigan Union or the Reptigan Empire?
  • Recognition of importance and desirability of a few changes to the Reptigan constitution originated by some of the recent, non-Adpihi and non-Human "admittees"
  • It's "the Reptigan Union", not "the Reptigan Empire", at least in its own eyes

That last event marked the completion of the lasting dominance of the Reptigan point-of-view over the Adpihi point-of-view.

These next few events take place under the dominance of the Reptigan movement.

  • The acceptance of non-Adpihi and/or non-Human citizens as completely equal
  • The Adpihi faith grows, as a tolerated minority viewpoint, off the planet Adpihi and among non-human adherents
  • Various versions of the Adpihi faith are discriminated against in various ways regarding certain government and military jobs, ownership or control of certain weapons and other devices, and ability to travel on spaceships or live and work on space stations. The kind of discrimination varies depending on the version of the faith in question, as well as on the nature of the job in question and so on. The versions of the faith which grow most quickly among non-humans, and off-planet, are those versions which are least discriminated against, especially those which are least restricted as to travel and residence.
  • The acceptance of Artificial Intelligences as equal citizens in the Reptigan Union
  • The average member of the dominant groups within the Union have ancestral ties to Adpihi, but do not consider themselves to be "People of Adpihi".
  • Re-establishment of communication with Earth's sphere-of-influence
  • Not everyone on Earth is so sure the Reptigan Union isn't "the Reptigan Empire" after all.