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The HoloStream is a connective communications grid that was established by the Iveato. It is used by the Alliance for most communication, and it is a near instantaneous communication system. The Iveato originally created it as a closed military project, but interest was gained, and it became the current communication program. It has sped up communication to incredibly rates, and is a current staple of galactic life.


An image of a HoloStream banner at the Converge. It is displaying information about Boeing spacecraft.


The HoloStream project was proposed by Iveato engineer Gh'Yini, strictly as a military communication system. His proposal was accepted, and he continued working on the design until he came to closing point. The system allowed for near-instantaneous hologram communication, and it was considered a major breaking point for the Iveato people. However, the Trais demanded that the project not be limited to the military. Gh'Yini resented this choice, but had no choice himself, but to give in.

Soon, the HoloStream was announced, and it took the galaxy by storm.

Current Uses[]

The HoloStream is still used by the military, but the most common use is current civilian communication. It resembles the internet of the 2000's, and the television of the 2000's.


Current designing and upkeep has been left to the Syrick, who have made major improvements to the designs of Gh'Yini's HoloStream.