Holy American Empire
Flag of the Imperial American Empire
Imperial American Coat of Arms
Locator Map of the HAE
map of the Holy American Empire
and largest city
Official languages English
Recognized languages Latin, Spanish, French
Religion Roman Catholicisim
Demonym American, Imperial
Government Unitary Theocratic Absolute Monarchy
• Grand Emperor
Michael V
• American Civil War
November 6, 1830
• 2010 estimate
Currency Imperial Dollar
Date format DD-MM-YYYY
Drives on the right
Patron saint Saint Peter
Internet TLD .hae

The Holy American Empire is a massive global empire spanning all of the world's continents and is the largest empire of all time. It was formed in 1923 after the American Civil War, when devout Catholics revolted against the United States and wanted to reclaim the world for God. Led by Arthur Richardson, the Holy Catholic Army rose up and raided Washington D.C., imprisoning President Andrew Jackson and causing the government to fall. When the HCA won the civil war, Richardson was crowned "Arthur I, Emperor and Autocrat of All America".

The Second Great War came around when the Holy American Imperium attacked Canada, with the British Empire declaring war on the nation. This turned poorly for the British, who soon lost the war and left the isles of Great Britain and Ireland behind, fleeing to the recently-added colony of British India. The rest of Europe up to Germany soon fell as the Americans kept pushing on to expand their empire. Following the end of the Second Great War, The Empire began The Unification of the New World, with the Holy American Empire absorbing any remaining nations in North, Central or South America, and The Invasions of Asia, with the Holy American Empire annexing Oceania, The Japanese Empire, The Philippines, New Guinea, and Taiwan. The profits from these conquests caused a massive economic boom, allowing Imperial America to weather The Great Depression and become a global superpower. Following World War II, in which she crushed the Empire of Japan and Fascist Italy, The Christian and Monarchist Holy American Empire became locked in a cold war with The atheistic and communist USSR. Imperial America won this cold war, and in 1991 restored The Russian Empire, which remains her greatest ally. To this day, The Holy American Empire remains the largest and most powerful nation in the world, having immense influence and a virtual monopoly on world affairs.

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