Holy Empire of Latia Cross
Krado Laka
Flag of the Holy Empire of Latia Cross
Flag Seal
Motto: "Liberi et dependens."
Anthem: Libertate et libere

Location of the Latia Cross
Capital Lagya
Largest city Mosketo
Ethnic groups Hispanic, Polish, Native Holy Cross
Government Absolute monarchy
• Prince
Michael I Ginger
• Official annexation
October 03, 2013AB
• Colony
September 09, 2013AB
Currency Sankta Kruco Dollar($K) (SKD)
Time zone EHCT, WHCT (UTC+13/+10)
• Summer (DST)
[Eastern Holy Cross Summer Time (UTC+12/+9)
Calling code +422
Internet TLD .lat.hc

Latia Cross is a country located on the south part of South America.

It's divided for four main districts and is under Holy Cross control a part of Holy Cross (because of the Tractate) and it's capital is Lagya (located in Holy Cross). 

The districts

The island is dovided for four main districts. Some of them consist of two sub-districts:

  1. Tarentia (T):
    1. North Tarentia (T1)
    2. South Tarentia (T2)
  2. Hohertia (H):
    1. East Hohertia (H2)
    2. West Hohertia (H1)
  3. Mandatory Terytory (M):
    1. Cavella (M1-M2)
      1. North Cavella (M1)
      2. South Cavella (M2)
    2. Prittwell (M3)
  4. Border Territory (TG)[1]
    1. Blastpeece (TG1)


Latia Cross's currency is Sankta Kruco Dollar (SKD, $K)[2]:

1 SKD = 5,8 PLN = 1,43 EUR


  1. Marked as green territory
  2. The same as Holy Cross currency
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