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Right Honourable[]

The prefix "The Right Honourable", abbreviated to Rt Hon. was formerly applied to members of the Privy Council for Georgeland, a body that was abolished in 1929. Since the 1940s, the honorific has generally been granted by the President of Georgeland to a number of personages. Typically, those entitled to the prefix are:

Former Prime Ministers Deborah Robards and Clare Price are entitled to receive the prefix, but have not yet done so. 

  • Former Justices of the Supreme Court:
    • Rt. Hon. George McKell
    • Rt. Hon. Stephen Merrick
    • Rt. Hon. William Blake
    • Rt. Hon. Michael Bloom
    • Rt. Hon. Norman Greer
    • Rt. Hon. Kevin Armstrong

Additionally, on rare occasions the title is given to a distinguished person irrespective of office held. The last person to be granted such a title was the Rt. Hon. Edith Bowler, who died in 1990.

The title is granted for life.


The prefix The Honourable, shortened to Hon. is used by:

The title is held for life, unless it is superceded by "The Right Honourable". In the case of the incumbent President, the title is superceded. 

His/Her Excellency[]

The title of His/Her Excellence is used by:

Both the President and the Chief Justice are referred to as "His/Her Excellency" officially but in practice it is not common to address them as Your Excellency. The President is usually addressed as Mr./Madam President and the Chief Justice as Your Honour or Mr/Madam Chief Justice.