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Queen Lacus designated Meir Almarche as the founding member of House Almarche in 966 in recognition for his military service during the Unification Wars. After his death in 967, a search was done to find his child, but the search was unsuccessful until 710, when Luce Almarche, his grandson, is found in Haven Bastion. Luce Almarche solidified the House's standing in the Selean court. Like his grandfather, he took a wife and sired a daughter, Gena, who further expanded the House's power.


The Almarche family generally serve as advisers, representatives, and military officers.

Family Tree[]

Meir Almarche
Ania Froi
Kail Wesh
Luka Almarche
Luce Almarche
Renai Machira
Gena Almarche