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House of Kleüm
Country Heigard
  • King of Heigard
  • Count of Frontière du Pays
Founder Edgar Dieumondroit
Current Head
HM Richard IV of Heigard (1950-)
Founding Year 1783
Ethnicity Heigardian
Cadet Branches
  • House of Heinzburg

The House of Kleüm (Kleuem) (French: Maison d'Clêume, German: Haus Kleüm) is the current Royal House of the Kingdom of Heigard. It descends from the House of Dieumondroit, which was a branch of the House of L'Fontret. It has played an important role in the politics of Heigard since the overthrowing of the government of King Phillip III Hemglien and the election of Charles of Frontière du Pays to be the new King.

The dynasty was established when Edgar Dieumondroit, great-granfather of King Björn, acquired Kleüm Castle (where the House takes its name) from his heirless uncle Philipp Duke of Eisenburg, when he died in a war campaign to recover the Grand Duchy of Pattnein for the Mahrkronian Empire.

The House of Eisenburg[]