House of Pepper-Martin-Horcajo
Maison des Poivre-Martin-Horcajo
Islandese Imperial family
House of Pepper Coat of Arms.png
Country National Flag of the Empire of Paradise Island.png Empire of Paradise Island
Flag of Hawaii.svg Hawaiian Empire
Ethnicity French
Founded May 18, 1983
Founder Alexander I
Alexander I
  • Duprieu Family
  • Perrin Family
  • Martin-Horcajo Family
Traditions Pepperism, Islandese Fascism, Bonapartism, National Catholicism
Religion Roman Catholicism
Motto Ayez Foi en Dieu
(Have Faith in God)

The House of Pepper (French: Maison des Pepper or Maison des Poivre) is a self-proclaimed Islandese Imperial family and the current ruling dynasty over the Empire of Paradise Island. It was later known as the House of Pepper-Martin-Horcajo (French: Maison des Pepper-Martin-Horcajo or Maison des Poivre-Martin-Horcajo) due of the marriage of Emperor Alexander and Countess Célia of Martin-Horcajo. It was founded by Alexander I of Paradise Island, the son of Sergeant Chief Thierry Poivre in the French Air Force and Nathalie Duprieu. Alexander is a French-born Islandese military leader who had risen to power in November 10, 1980 and who in 1983 transformed the Republic of Paradise Island into the Empire of Paradise Island.

The House of Pepper formed the Imperial House of Paradise Island during the Empire of Paradise Island, together with non-Pepper family members. The head of the House of Pepper helds the title of Emperor of Paradise Island along with his honorary titles of Emperor of France, Emperor of Hawaii, Emperor of India, Emperor and Sultan of the Ottomans and Emperor of the Romans.

During the reign of Alexander I, the Imperial Family consisted of the Emperor's immediate relations – his wives, sons, daughters, siblings, and some other close relatives, his brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, his uncles, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers and grandfathers-in-law and grandmothers-in-law and also honorary members.

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