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The Human & Life Preservation System, known as HeLP or HeLP-uS is a government program in the Union of Everett to develop a system of shelters for Everetti citizens during a disaster or threat of disaster on a catastrophic scale, capable of devastating the Earth's ability to be habitable for humanity and other life for long term periods of time. The HeLP system includes a series of large long-term underground survival shelters which contain a variety of supplies, living spaces and storage room to provide designated survivors the ability to continue life within these shelters during and after a global catastrophe. HeLP shelters may be capable of containing up to 500,000 survivors in some structures. These shelters have been constructed through out the Union of Everett in designated survival regions.

HeLP-uS Shelters[]

HeLP Shelters are massive underground disaster shelters capable of housing large amounts of people and supplies. The designs consist of miles of underground land area, usually a half mile underground, with a 1,000 foot tall area from the deepest section to the closest section to the surface. Each city is designed be capable of housing no less than 50,000 people and must be constructed in a key position within range of one or more metropolitan areas. Each city must contain the necessary centers for survival including individual apartments for no less than 100,000 people, police/military departments, oxygen/ventilation systems, water treatment plants with direct connection to permanent sources of water, hospitals, schools, food storage, food growth and production centers, underground farms, laboratories, plant storage and growth centers, zoos for maintaining the existence of animal life, recreation centers, vehicle refueling stations, self sustaining fusion power plants, manufacturing plants for basic necessary products and retractable satellite dishes and antennas for linking to satellites for communication between other cities. A possible, optional plan is to interconnect the thirteen designated shelters with high speed trains for spreading needed supplies to shelters in need.

The shelters include special storage spaces for maintaining vital biological, historical, technological, mathematical, chemical and other data and samples, known as the Ark. Some of the more high security materials include millions of seeds from a large variety of important plant life on Earth including food bearing plants and plants noted for their ability to produce oxygen to maintain a habitable atmosphere in the future. Nearly 110,000 species of plants have samples kept in frozen storage or cryostasis type vaults with millions of seeds specifically for planting food sources in the future. Animal DNA and reproductive cells are also maintained in blood vaults for an estimated 75,000 species of animals including varied land and sea life and flying creatures.

Shelter List[]

# City Area Served Capacity Status
1 Toronto-Montreal Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa 200,000 Under Construction
2 Hudson Valley Metro Everett City, New York City, Philadelphia 500,000 Under Construction
3 Washington-Baltimore Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond 175,000 Pending
4 Chicago-Milwaukee Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison 400,000 Under Construction
5 Ohio Metro Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinatti 300,000 Pending
6 Memphis-Nashville Memphis, Nashville 125,000 Pending
7 Atlanta Metro Atlanta 150,000 Pending
8 New Orleans-Baton Rouge New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jackson 100,000 Pending
9 Jacksonville-Tampa Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando 300,000 Pending
10 Haiti Metro Port-au-Prince 100,000 Pending
11 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Island 75,000 Pending
12 Merida-Campeche Merida, Campeche, Cancun 250,000 Under Construction
13 Maya Metro Jalapa, Veracruz 175,000 Under Construction

Survivor Criteria[]

  • Must have a clean criminal record (not including level six or seven crimes)
  • Must be between the ages of 0 and 65
  • Must not have an incurable disease or ailment or be in a condition where constant care is needed (cancer, AIDS, severe physical/genetic/mental disability, coma, terminal diseases, retardation)