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Hyasoda FederationHealth
Type Health Care provider
Founded 1976

Saikyō, East Asian Federation

East Asian Gateway Towers

Hyasoda FederationHealth, commonly referred to as FedHealth, is the public health care arm of the East Asian Federation's Hyasoda Group of Companies. Founded in 1976, it is headed by the Chief Legislative Officer of the Federation, Park Chan-Hae.


During Hyasoda's vast growth during the 1970s and 1980s, the corporation founded civil service branches to serve the needs of citizens and make a bid for seats on the Federation Board. The first of the civil service branches was FederationHealth. FederationHealth is widely seen as one of the key factors to the Hyasoda Group's success today, with a history of quality and efficient patient care since its founding.


FederationHealth operates 85 health care facilities in the Korean Peninsula and the island of Honshū. Its flagship facility is Saikyō Union Medical Center in Saikyō.

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