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The Hyasoda Group of Companies is one of the largest of the East Asian Federation's governing Corporations, and currently the plurality holder of seats on the Federation Board. Its chief executive is Kumiko Akimoto. Its operations consist of a variety of businesses all sharing the Hyasoda name and brand, ranging from Hyasoda Military Industries, the federation's leading manufacturer of advanced military equipment, to Hyasoda FederationHealth, provider of Healthcare and other Human Services in the Korean regions of the Federation.


The Hyasoda company was founded in 1949 in Hiroshima, Japan, shortly after Japan began its modernization and reformation efforts after its surrender to the Allied Powers in the Second World War. Its original purpose was to provide employment and to help rebuild war-torn Japan, acting as a construction and general services corporation. Its influence quickly grew as demand for such services increased during the economic revitalization in the 1950s. By the formation of the Federation in 1976, the company had several divisions providing services in all regions of the Federation, and would soon launch government services divisions to become a major leader in Federation Government. With the global advent in Fusion technology, Hyasoda Electric rose the company to prominence across Asia as a provider of quality Fusion reactors, and has constructed over forty throughout the continent. Hyasoda has been one of the top four corporations in the Federation Government, along with Mitsubishi, Samsung, and Sumitomo.

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