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The Hydronions are aqutic Life forms with semi-intelegence. They are the primary Sentient beings of Aquas II. There bodies are clear, and many of there cells resemble that of jelly fish. It's shape is generaly humanoid. It is assumed they evolved the same way. They however have a brain, unlike jellyfish. There "mouths" are filled with tenticles coated with millions of sting cells. They carry an optical sensing organ, like an eye. There "eye" detects infrared, and some shades of red. There "skin" layer is networked with ultra motion-sensitive nerves to detect movment in it's envorement. Though it's primarly aquatic, it can also walk on land (though there is no land to walk on Aquas II).

Social Life[]

The Hydronions travel in clans made of family, and grow relationships with other clans. Hydronian clans have a simple system of status. Usualy, the oldest female of the Prime Family is the Clan leader. In many clans, most of the important males fertalize her spores. The oldest female born will grow to be the Clan leader. Some females can choose to leave and start a clan, but rarly occurs. Clans can grow to be up to 20-40 Hydronions. In these cases a clan can be split.

Note that there are some Hydronion groups build villages, inwitch Hydronions are governed by a leader, and are not required to move constantly. These kind of villages usually only occour in "underworld", and arn't like human villages. They are built more elaborate, and use tunnels and chambers, because the lack of need for floors.