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Rendering of the IFET

The Interstellar (Fusion) Exploration Transport, IFET, is an under construction super carrier and colonization ship designed and built in the Union of Everett. When completed it will become a civilian science and research vessel designed for colonization and mass transport of supplies.


IFET Engines

Rear View

The IFET is two miles in length at over 10,000 feet long and nearly one third of a mile wide at almost 2,000 feet. Its tallest point in over 900 feet, containing 65 decks of space in the work and living sections and cargo transport space to carry over 1,000 747 sized airliners. The ship can comfortably house one million persons in the living quarters. The IFET is powered by a fusion power plant which powers three massive primary engines with hyperdrive and wormhole drives with the ability of a maximum speed of almost 700 billion miles per hour in faster-than-light wormhole travel and general hyperdrive warp speed of seven times the speed of light. The IFET has vehicle bays for varying space and aircraft including spaceliners such as the Boeing 808 and 818, transporters, defensive fighter bays and escape pods. The IFET utilizes anti-gravity drives to fly in VTOL flight and hover.