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Welcome to Ipatuk.

Ipatuk is a huge wildlife paradise, blooming of life everywhere. Most of the world is covered by endless forests and meadows, crossed by caudalous rivers and crystalline lakes. There are almost no desertic areas, and the climate is in general a bit colder and rainier than in XXI century's Earth.

In this world you won't find the huge cities, motorized vehicles, calculating devices and heavy machinery that characterize an industrial society. In fact, humans are rare and scattered over the whole world, into tiny groups, most of them no larger than several hundred to several thousand people.

The level of development is about Late Stone Age, though in many aspects they are far more advanced than what one would expect.

Spoken language hasn't evolved much beyond imitative sounds and basic actions, but everyone in the world seems to understand the same language. There's no alphabet yet; all writing is pictorial (charcoal black, brown-red and yellow ochre, and chalk white), though somewhere people are coming up with the idea of having signs for special, often-repeated, syllabic sounds. Oh, and fire is a responsibility given only to those wise enough to handle it without damaging nature. And there's no organized religion yet, though there's a common feeling about a higher creator being that encompasses all the universe, a personification of nature that everyone venerates.

More on the rules of the land soon. Please don't just go and integrate this with your world yet, it needs more work!


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