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Idol Of the Islands is a Drakian music competition program that has run on Wednesday nights on ABMC since 2004. It has consistently been one of the highest-rated television programs in the country. The show is based on the U.S. series American Idol and follows practically the same format. After auditions, the contestants perform before a television audience, who vote via telephone for an eventual winner.

Barry Hiles has served as the show's presenter since its inception. The judges for the show's first two seasons were guitarist Steve Neal, singer Susan Kilgore, and former record executive and talent scout Albert Severac. After the show's second season in 2005, Neal left the show in a dispute over salary and creative control; he was replaced by keyboardist, producer, and arranger Trevor Bax.  Severac left the show after the 2012 season and was replaced by singer Russell Ansley.

The show's 2005 winner Rebekah Westmoreland, 2008 runner-up Lorenzo Newkirk, and 2011 winner Brittany Humbert have all represented the Drake Islands in the Eurovision Song Contest.


2012-Paul Cleary

2011-Brittany Humbert

2010-Lysette Stewart

2009-Kari Chopra

2008-Rick Webster

2007-Christy McKenna

2006-Brandon Laine

2005-Rebekah Westmoreland

2004-Tanya Thackeray