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Ikaros Aerospace
Type Public KSX:IKR
Founded Gardenia, Gallia (1937)
Headquarters Koiwai, Ivalice
Key people Gerard Glayson, CEO
David Frances, CFO
Industry Aerospace and Defense
Products Military aircraft
Space systems
Revenue i2.64 Billion (FY 2008)
Operating income i1.20 Billion (FY 2008)
Net income i1.44 Billion (FY 2008)
Employees 56,235
Slogan Opening the Skies

Ikaros Aerospace is a major aerospace and defense corporation, founded by Glenda Davis in Gardenia, Gallia. Ikaros' Headquarters has been in Koiwai since 1993. Ikaros is Ivalice's largest defense company, and the federal government's second largest contractor after HP.


Ikaros Aerospace was founded as Davis Aeroplanes in 1937, in Gardenia, Gallia. It originally built small recreational biplanes in a small workshop near the current site of Glenda Davis Airport. During World War II, Ikaros was critical in supporting northern Gallia's regional economy. After the War Industries Act of 1942 was passed by the Diet, Ikaros recieved a substantial government grant to aid in the production of aircraft for the front lines. This allowed the company to expand greatly, providing 15,000 jobs at the peak of the war effort in 1943. Sales of Ikaros aircraft remained steady throughout the war, and increased after war's end.


Ikaros is the Armed Forces of Ivalice's chief domestic supplier. Its chief product line, the Alpha fighter series, is one of the nation's fastest growing exports, being extremely popular in developing countries. It is the private sector half of the Space Corps X-J7 Rocket PPP.

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