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Infernia is The coldest place in Daiska and, due to a natural phenomenon; it is next to the hottest place in Daiska (Saega). It Borders Copper State, Saega, Glass Country and Nomia. It is part of The Ivory Kingdom and has close ties with Saega and Nighta. It's capital is the city of Winter. It is linked to Nighta by the famous Night-Infernian path.


Infernia is known as the land of warriors, as it's people are know for their bravery, loyalty and fearlessness in battle. It also holds the Opal jewel, one of the four jewels of power. It's patriot animal is the Winter wolf.

Infernia and the war of Ivory[]

Some say that Infernia perhaps made the biggest contribution from the Central Alliance of all in the war. Because of heir reputation for being chivalrous and brave, most expected them to throw themselves into the war, and the were right. The Infernians are known for fighting till the end aand never giving up, so Nomia knew they had made a powerful enemy. Perhaps their best-known battles were Lamanta and Ivory, where they became "a beacon of hope" for the people of copper state and saega.

Allies and Enemies[]

Mostly the Infernians were afraid of the gloomy nightans with there spells and rituals tto the moon, but grew to be great friends wih them. Nomia were their greatest enemies, but the renomians were the opposite. They are known to have strong ties to saega.

Infernia and the frozen lake[]

The people of Infernia use the frozen lake to survive, eat and trade. For most of the year the lake is frozen over, so during July and August they must get as good supplies as they can get to last the year.