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Interdiction frigate
Tag(s) Frigate
Purpose(s) Interdiction
General statistics HP: 75,000
Max armament(s) 4x Plasma beam
Max complement(s) 4x Kinetic drive
2x Gravitic drive
2x Full spectrum sensor array
1x Hyperspace inhibitor
1x Hyperspace displacer
1x Distortion generator
1x Gravitic far drive
Miscellaneous notes

With the invention of the hyperdrive, lesser military forces could easily escape harm by hyperspacing to places where others would know not. In order to prevent rogues from escaping and nearly vanquished enemy fleets from regrouping, a hyperspace inhibitor must be brought to bear. With at least one on the field, hyperdrives will fail to work, for both ally and enemy. It is necessary for the complete destruction of any enemy fleet encountered.