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The International Fascist Federation (IFF) is a federation of radical authoritarian nationalist political and militant organizations. Although classified as a terrorist organization by the Allied States, the Federation remains a strong, legal political organization throughout the world. The Federation designates itself as a Christian group, thus is labeled a Christian-extremist organization by several governments. The Federation became predominant when it attempted a so-called "revolution", which resulted in the Allied States' Allied Revolutionary War.




  • President: Tomas White - Ex-citizen of the Allied States. White left the ASA during the Allied Revolutionary War as part of a delegation to the Christian Front of the Western World to discuss a bilateral government after the Allied States government is overthrown. When the revolution was toppled, White was banned from returning to the Allied States after prosecutors could not find any evidence linking him to treason.

Affiliated organizations

  • American Fascist Alliance (AFA) - a largely militant group, solely responsible for the attempted overthrow of the Allied States government during the Allied Revolutionary War. Labeled a terrorist organization by the Allied States.
  • Christian Front of the Western World (CFWW) - Christian-extremist group based largely in Europe and North America. Labeled a terrorist organization by Sweden, the Allied States and the United Kingdom.
  • Congress of United Trade Unions (CUTU) - a trade union based primarily in Southern America and Africa.

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