Isokyrian Home Office
Isokyrian Home Office
Formed September 1, 1999
Jurisdiction Isokyria
Headquarters 7721 Moror Way, Hufo, Isokyria
Annual budget £7.2 billion
Minister responsible Sigrun Agnarsdottir, Secretary

The Isokyrian Home Office is the government agency responsible for all domestic security within Isokyria. It has jurisdiction across the nation and all police departments report back to the Home Office. The agency also manages immigration policy, customs, counter-terrorism.

The agency was created in 1999 in order to relieve the burden on the Ministry of Defence and to provide a more focused effort for domestic safety. The Home Office is led by the Secretary of Home Office who is currently Sigrun Agnarsdottir, appointed in 2010.


The Office is organized into several departments, each with a specific task.

  • Department of National Police
    • Office of Regional Police
    • Office of Illicit Products
  • Department of Immigration
    • Office of Customs
  • Department of Counter-Terrorism
  • Department of Internal Order
    • Office of Identification and Passports
  • Civil Defence Forces
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