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Isokyrian War of Independence
Smoke rises from the city of Hufo
Date April 12, 1919 - March 22, 1923
Location Isokyria
  • Britain loses control of Isokyria
  • Republic of Isokyria established
  • Isokyrian Civil War breaks out a decade later
Flag of Isokyria (British rule).svg Isokyria Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Isokyria (British rule).svg Albert Ármannsson Flag of the United Kingdom.svg David Lloyd George
Casualties and losses
450+ dead 200+ dead

The Isokyrian War of Independence was an armed conflict between the United Kingdom and its then-dominion Isokyria that began on April 12, 1919 with the Hufo Police bombing and ended on March 22, 1923 with the Anglo-Isokyrian Treaty. Primarily using guerrilla tactics, the Isokyrians were victorious and secured independence for the Republic of Isokyria only for the Isokyrian Civil War to break out about a decade later which led to the creation of the modern Isokyrian state. The war was one of two independence campaigns occurring in Britain's territories, the other being in Ireland which was a source of inspiration for the Isokyrians.

Causes of the war are debated but historians generally agree that feelings of alienation among Isokyrians, a poor economy, and booming nationalist and socialist movements all contributed to the outbreak of the conflict.


Course of the war


Hufo Police bombing

Martial law

Hostilities intensify

Tide turns

End stages



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