IvalAir Logo
Founded February 22, 1949
AOC # IVS62495
Hubs *Londinium Skorcolum International Airport
*Koiwai Decker Reginrauve International Airport
Secondary hubs *Koiwai Prospekt National Airport - IvalAir Shuttle
*Ivalion International Airport
Frequent flyer program FourPoints Miles
Member lounge Star Lounge
Alliance Star Alliance
Company slogan Welcome to your world.
Headquarters Reginrauve Tower, Reginrauve, Federal District, Ivalice
Key people Fred Desario

Arnold Bellamy Greta Descartes

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IvalAir or IA is the national flag carrier of Ivalice. IA has its international headquarters in the Reginrauve Tower near its major hub at Koiwai Decker Reginrauve International Airport, which is its second largest hub, and is the largest airline in Ivalice based on fleet size, international flights and international destinations. Its main hub is Londinium Skorcolum International Airport. IvalAir only provides international flights into Skorcolum, Koiwai Prospekt National Airport, and Ivalion International Airport, and flights to Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia from Skorcolum and Ivalion.


IvalAir service has five components: Flights carried as IvalAir itsself, cargo flights as IvalAir Logistics, Short distance commuter flights inside of Ivalice and to the east coast of the United States as IvalAir Shuttle, low-cost flights as IvalAir-Skyline, and contracted flights to several small cities and towns in Ivalice operated by several local carriers.

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