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Ivalice Mail and Parcel Service
Agency overview
Preceding agency
  • Ivalice Postal
Headquarters IMPS Headquarters
Londinium, Ivalice
Employees 879,416

The Ivalice Mail and Parcel Service (IMPS) is the national mail service and a logistics company of Ivalice. Founded in 1903, it is an independent public agency that receives no public finance. It operates abroad as IMPS International. It is the largest civilian employer in Ivalice, employing over 800,000 people.

Operating Units[]

  • Ivalice Mail: The national mail carrier component of IMPS. It is obligated to carry mail to every household in Ivalice, regardless of how remote, by the constitution. It operates one of the world's largest vehicle fleets, with almost 200,000 mail delivery vehicles.
  • Ivalice Mail Express: A premium national mail service, guarantees overnight delivery to any mailbox in Ivalice, and deliveries internationally time-definite within four days. Extremely popular among business clients for its prompt service.
  • Ivalice Mail Logistics: A less than truckload and container logistics service, carrying freight globally.