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Ivalice National Railways
Reporting Mark INR
Locale Ivalice, nationwide
Dates of operation 1949–
Track gauge Standard Gauge
Headquarters Koiwai

The Ivalice National Railways Corporation, more commonly known as INR, consists of the assets and operations of the national railway system in Ivalice. INR lies at the heart of the island's railway network, operating a large proportion of intercity rail service (including the ICS Express high-speed rail lines) and commuter rail service.


Capital Regional

The Capital Regional is the local complement service of the ICS Express Capital route. It makes all local stops between Koiwai Southern Avenue and Ivalion Union Station. It is by far the busiest of all INR services, carrying 7.4 million passengers in 2009, more than the combined total of all three ICS Express routes. There are four trains per hour servicing this route, eighteen hours a day. Two trains per hour are all-reserved, two with first class reserved only. Trains generally operate between Koiwai Central Station and Ivalion Union Station with some extended trains to Koiwai Southern Avenue or Luna-Nortegan Station.

Station stops

State Town/City Station Connections
CalifiaIvalionUnion StationINR: ICS Express, Island Sleeper
GalliaRepublic HeightsValkyrie International AirportINR: ICS Express,Island Sleeper KARRS: Randgriz Line
GalliaRandgriz CityRandgriz CityINR: ICS Express,Island Sleeper KARRS: Randgriz Line
GalliaSuntowTranquility ParkINR: Island Sleeper KARRS: Randgriz Line
Ivalician Federal DistrictKoiwaiMalcolm GardensINR: Island Sleeper KARRS: Randgriz Line
Ivalician Federal DistrictKoiwaiCentral StationINR: ICS Express, Island Sleeper, Diamond Coast RTS Koiwai: Yellow,Purple KARRS: Randgriz Line, Setsuna Line
Ivalician Federal DistrictKoiwaiIvalice BoulevardRTS Koiwai: Blue,Purple KARRS: Randgriz Line, Setsuna Line
Ivalician Federal DistrictKoiwaiSouthern AvenueKARRS: Randgriz Line, Setsuna Line

Island Sleeper

Diamond Coast

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