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2008 Republic of Ivalice 2012
Ivalician Senate elections, 2010
25 Round C Ivalician Senate Seats
6 December
Party U C R
Seats before 37 25 18

Incumbent Majority Leader


Majority Leader-elect

The 2010 Ivalice Senate elections will be held on December 6, 2010, halfway through president John Martin's first term. Elections will be held for the 25 Round C senatorial seats, representing the four Ivalician states.


Following the 2004 elections, the Unity Party took a majority in the House. In the 2006 elections, discontent with Conservative policies, voters elected Rights and Unity members to the Senate by wide margins. The 2008 election, which coincided with Unity's John Martin's victory over Conservative Allen Goldberg and Rights' Hugh Miller for the presidency, Unity increased their majority in the House, and fell just short of plurality in the Senate. Of the 200 congressional districts, 117 were carried in majority by Martin, while 42 voted for Goldberg, and 41 for Miller.

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