Ivalician Army
Active 4 April 1612 - today
Country Ivalice
Branch Army
Type Army
Size 443,000 personnel
Part of Department of Defense and Veteran Services
Department of the Army
Headquarters Cenmilcom Reservation
Colors Koiwai Green & White         
Chief of Ground Operation GEN Edward Silas
Vice Chief of Ground Operations GEN Christian Johnson

The Ivalician Army is the land-based service branch of the Armed Forces of Ivalice, and deploys 2,250 main battle tanks, 1,750 armored personnel carriers, 1,000 infantry fighting vehicles and 10,000 artillery pieces. Its regular forces consist of 543,000 personnel, with an additional 200,000 personnel in reserve. Currently, 40% of the ground force divisions and brigades are either armored or mechanized to deal with potential threats. The Army has and continues to undergo rapid major upgrades and re-structuring to deal with future land warfare, with front line troops, special forces, and marines given priority in receiving newer modern weapon systems.

Control and operation is administered by the Department of the Army, one of the three service departments of the Department of Defense and Veteran Services. The civilian head is the Secretary of the Army and the highest ranking military officer in the department is the Chief of Staff, unless the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are Army officers.

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