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We, the humble representatives of the united peoples of the Kingdom of Saint Ivalice and the Gallian Republic, of common origin and sound minds, in order to forge a time of lasting peace and unity do hearby establish this document, the Constitution of the Republic of Ivalice to set forth terms and laws of governing our new union.

Article One[]

Section One[]

The functions of law creation and legislation herein are to be delegated to a national representative organ, the National Diet, which shall consist of a House of Representatives and a House of Senators.

Section Two[]

The House of Representatives, previously declared shall be defined of members popularly elected in every even-numbered year by the citizens of the Republic. Elections shall be held on the twelth of February in these years, and victors shall be inducted on April the fourth of the same year. No Person can serve as a Representative who has not reached the age of twenty-three years, and been a citizen of the Republic of Ivalice for no less than seven years, and who must be a citizen and resident of the State they were elected from. The amount of members of the House of Representatives shall total in number fifty times the number of states in the Union. The Members shall be proportionally distributed to the states based on the number of citizens in each state, to be counted every half-decade. Each State shall have at least one representative.

Section Three[]

The House of Senators,