Federal District of Ivalice
Flag of Koiwai Seal of Koiwai
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): Heart of a Nation
Motto(s): Libertas supra omnia
Map of IFD
Official language(s) None
Spoken language(s) English, Spanish, French, Japanese
Demonym Koiwaian
Capital Koiwai
Largest city Koiwai
Largest metro area Koiwai-Randgriz Metropolitan Area
Area  Ranked 4th in Ivalice
 - Total 1529 sq mi
(1529 km2)
 - Width  miles ( km)
 - Length  miles ( km)
 - % water
 - Latitude
 - Longitude
Population  Ranked 4th in Ivalice
 - Total 6,503,548
 - Density 11016.42/sq mi  (4253.46/km2)
Ranked 1st in Ivalice
 - Highest point
 - Mean  ft 
 - Lowest point  ft 
Governor Freesia King
Lieutenant Governor John Maul
Diet Senators
Diet House delegation List
Time zones EST (GMT -5)

The Federal District of Ivalice is the smallest administrative division in Ivalice and the seat of the Federal government of Ivalice. The Federal District consists of the City of Koiwai and nine sub-divisions, labeled counties. The City of Koiwai's government is also the State government of the Federal District, and administers non-federal areas of the Federal District. The Federal District is the Southern State of "Ivalice's Four Points". It is bisected by the Ulei River, which is also the center of the Koiwai-Randgriz Metropolitan Area's population density.


The Ivalician Federal District is a peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean. It is split into north and south halves of near equal size by the Ulei River, with the City of Koiwai residing on the northern side. The Federal District has a total area of 590 square miles (1529 square km) of which around 90% is land. The Federal District is sited at the southern end of the Ordero Mountains, and its foothills define the geography of northwest Koiwai and Fairfield County, Federal District. The highest natural point in the Ivalician Federal District is Piney Hill in the Winter Park neighborhood of Koiwai. The lowest natural point is sea level at the Atlantic Ocean.


The Federal District is in the humid subtropical climate zone of Ivalice, covering most of the island of Ivalice, with hot summers and cool winters.


The Federal District was given full state-level self-government in 1831, after protests from residents concerning the lack of representation in the Diet. After statehood, the local governments of the Federal District were unified under the leadership of the Koiwai city government, which was elevated to become the State-level government of the Federal District.

The executive branch of district government is led by the Governor of the Ivalician Federal District. The Mayor of the city of Koiwai, formerly elected only by city residents, became the district-wide governor, elected by residents of the entire district. The first governor of the Federal District was Decker T. Reginrauve, elected as Mayor in 1830, and reaffirmed in a special election open to all district residents in 1831.

The district legislature is the Ivalician Federal District Assembly, with ten elected representatives from each county, and one elected representative from each of the eight wards of the City of Koiwai, two at-large representatives districtwide, and ten representatives appointed by the federal government. Before the Self-Rule Act was passed in 1978, legislation affecting the Federal District was overseen by the Diet's Committee of Koiwai Oversight, with input from locally elected leaders, holding little actual power.

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