Ivalician Into
ISO 4217 code IVT
User(s) 22x20px Ivalice
1/2, 1/5, 2/5, 4/5 cent
Symbol i
Coins .10, .20, .40, .80, 1.60, 3.20, 6.40, 12.80 i
Banknotes 1.00(a), 1.00(b)[1], 3.00, 8.00, 21.00, 55.00, 144.00 i
[[Wikipedia:Finance ministry|Finance ministry]] Ivalician Department of Finance
Printer Ivalician Government Printing Office

The Ivalician Into (sign: i; code: IVT) is the currency of Ivalice. It is normally abbreviated with the lowercase English i. There are eight into coins minted by the Ivalician Department of Finance, .10i, .20i, .40i, .80i, 1.60i, 3.20i, 6.40i, and 12.80i. There are currently nine into banknotes printed by the same agency, two versions of 1.00i bills, a 3.00i bill, a 8.00i bill, 21.00i, 55.00i bill, and a 144.00i bill.

  1. There are two versions of the one into banknote
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