Ivalician Senate
National Diet of Ivalice
Upper house
President of the Senate
Shi Johnson-Williams (U)
Since January 5, 2009
Seats 80
37 / 80
25 / 80
18 / 80
Last election
January 5, 2009
Meeting place
National Capitol Building

The Ivalician Senate, commonly referred to as the "Senate", is the upper house of the bicameral National Diet of Ivalice, the upper house being the Ivalician House of Representatives. The composition and powers of the House and the Senate are established in Article One of the Constitution (which does not use the terms "upper" and "lower"). Each state receives representation in the Senate equally, with each state entitled to twenty senators. The total number of voting representatives is currently 80, determined by multiplying the number of states in the republic by twenty. Each senator serves for a six-year term. The presiding officer of the Senate is the Vice President of Ivalice, who is elected by the populace of Ivalice through general elections.

The Senate meets in the east wing of the National Capitol Building.

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