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Ivalician Space Corps
File:IvalRocketCorps emblem.jpg
Space Corps emblem
Active June 1, 1955 to present
Country Ivalice
Type Functional Combatant Command
Role "Provide integrated surveillance and reconnaissance allocation recommendations."
Part of Modified J-code
Garrison/HQ Gainsborough Reservation, GA
Nickname ISC
Aer Kevin Williams

The Ivalician Space Corps (ISC) is one of the five service branches of the Armed Forces of Ivalice under the Department of Defense. It is charged with space operations (such as satellite launching), information operations (such as Information warfare), missile defense, global command and control, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR), and combating the use weapons of mass destruction. ISC's operational headquarters is Gainsborough Reservation west of Gardenia, Gallia.