Ivalion Metro logo.png
Ivalion Metro
Type Rapid transit
Status Operating
Locale Ivalion-Saint James-Western Empire Metropolitan Area
Stations 164
Terraplén Local
Terraplén Express
Center Local
Kingsview Local
Kingsview Express
Saint James
Harborfront Local
Dalton Local
Dalton Express
Dalton Local Airport
North Imperial Local
Imperial-Millennium Local
Imperial-Millennium Express
Daily ridership 1,248,000 daily (2010 est.)
Opened 6/5/1947
Owner Ivalion County Transportation Authority
Operator(s) Ivalion County Transportation Authority
Track gauge Standard Gauge
Electrification Third-Rail

Ivalion Metrorail, commonly but incorrectly referred to as Ivalion Metro[1] is the name for the rapid transit rail system serving Ivalion, Califia, and its suburbs. It is owned and operated by the Ivalion County Transportation Authority. Established in 1947, the Metro system has grown to consist of six rapid transit lines, one rapid light rail line, and one long distance rapid transit line.

The Ivalion Metro is the busiest metropolitan mass transit sysetm in Ivalice. In 2009, the Ivalion Metro carried 455 million passengers, and averages 1,248,000 riders per day. The entire system, with the sole exception of the LDRT Saint James Line, operates under a flat fare, 2.50i. Fare is collected on entry, and customers exit the system through fare-paid barriers.


Serious plans for a subway in Ivalion were first considered during World War II. In the early 1940s, workers travelling from the western parts of the city and suburbs to the industrial areas and seaports along the oceanfront strained the local road and streetcar network. Traffic worries led to the formation of a Transit Study Commission, which designated a route along Terraplén from Center Street in the west to Fort Exeter, at the time a military garrison, in the east. The subway construction and necessary bonds were put to a referendum in the 1942 general elections, and passed with a majority, with construction beginning November 1943. Construction was completed in May 1947, and the initial line was opened on June 5, 1947, to critical acclaim. Original estimates for ridership were quickly surpassed, leading to an initial shortage of rolling stock.


Line Name Opened Stations Termini
  Terraplén Subway 1947 30 Redding Park - Donovan
  Dalton Avenue Subway 1953 26 Wims - Santa Maria (Randallstown)/Aviation
  Imperial Boulevard/Millennium Freeway Subway 1956 28 Imperial West - Montgomery Heights
  Saint James eXpresslink 1960 5 Saint James Union Station - Ivalion Union Station
  Kingsview Expressway Subway 1960 45 Donovan - Omni Ridge
  Center Street Subway 1967 17 Silver Hill - Palisades
  Harborfront Avenue Subway 1986 28 Donovan - Richmond
  North Imperial Rapid Light Rail 2000 3[2] North Imperial - Montgomery Heights

  1. The name Ivalion Metro refers to both the rail and bus systems serving Ivalion taken together
  2. There are only three fare-controlled "stations" on the North Imperial Line; however, it makes several stops along the rest of its route.
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