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The Rt. Hon. James Bernard Tobias Gray, QC, PC, MP was the 8th Prime Minister of Georgeland. Gray served from October 6, 1932 until his death in office on April 21, 1937, aged 67.

James Bernard Tobias Gray
Position 8th Prime Minister of Georgeland
Term in office October 6, 1932 - April 21, 1937
Preceded by Frederick Eccles
Succeeded by Bertram Powell
Political party Conservative
Total time in office 4 years, 6 months, 17 days (10th)
Born July 7, 1870
Died April 21, 1937
Spouse Eleanor Gray

Born into a wealthy Long Island family, Gray was educated at Eton and Oxford before returning to Georgeland in 1895, shortly after independence, to practice as a lawyer. He was drawn to Conservative politics and entered Parliament in 1911 as Tory MP for Catford. He served in the governments of David Turner (as Minister for Home Affairs) and Frederick Eccles as Minister for Finance and effectively Number Two in the government. He was Deputy Leader of the party from 1924 until 1932. Gray campaigned, with Eccles and most of the Conservative party, against the republican movement. When Georgeland became a republic in 1929, against Eccles' wishes, Gray spoke in Parliament on the "tragic loss of the Crown" in a speech that became one of the most well-known by a Georgeland Prime Minister for its eloquence and heart-felt remorse over the decision.
Gray declared his intention to resign after Georgeland became a republic but was persuaded to stay by Eccles, who was in his seventies and wanted Gray to succeed him. In 1932 Eccles died and Gray was elected as leader of the party unopposed.
Gray's term saw ties to Britain become closer, despite the separation from the Crown. He was a close friend of Stanley Baldwin and also of Winston Churchill. Domestically, Gray presided over a period of economic recovery. Georgeland was still recovering from the Depression and the economic policies Gray put in place helped steer the economy back towards prosperity. Gray was re-elected in 1934, though with a greatly decreased majority. Gray died in office in April 1937, the second of three Prime Ministers to do so. At the time of his death no cause was announced - the Prime Minister was merely declared to have "passed away in his sleep". It is now generally believed Gray died of lung cancer - a heavy smoker, Gray had not been well for some months preceding his death but this was not generally known at the time.
Gray was succeeded as Prime Minister by Bertram Powell.

Preceded by
Frederick Eccles
Prime Minister of Georgeland
October 6, 1932 - April 21, 1937
Succeeded by
Bertram Powell