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Jans Krsimir Szeika
1st President of Leubantia
In office
28 April 1945 – 12 May 1956
Preceded by Office Created
Succeeded by Ludek Jurosklaw
Constituency Leubantian
2nd Chairman of the Communist Party of Leubantia
In office
1 February 1925 – 28 April 1945
Prime Minister Vsernuun Olurovski
Spanekousec Radovoruror
Marotslaw W. Domnustiekc
Roejceiru Niebdlas
Jonas Krsivod
Preceded by Jagno Ruedec
Succeeded by Ludek Jurosklaw
Personal details
Born17 March 1902
Sibarmiw, Falcbek, Leubantia
Died14 April 1965 (age 63)
San Cristobal Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Political partyCommunist
Spouse(s)Jarolanta Szevaced

 Jans Szeika was the first President of Leubantia, from 1945 through 1956.

Szeika was born on 17 March 1902 in Sibarmiw. As a teenager, he became interested in Marxism. When his father was hanged on 17 May 1919, he vowed revenge for his father's death.

As a young member of the Leubantian Communist Party, Sikaw quickly moved up the party's ranks, showing intellect and leadership skills that belied his youth. In a surprise move, he was named Party Chairman in 1925, when he was only 23. He led a detachment of Leubantian Communists in the Spanish Civil War on the Republican side, and, during the Second World War, led the Leubantian Communists on the side of the Allies. On 28 April 1945, 4 days after Leubantia surrendered, he took control of the newly-formed People's Republic of Leubantia. Over the years, he gradually implemented a series of reforms, including allowing some property ownership and freedom of religion. Despite these reforms, Sikaw remained a devout Communist.

On 12 May 1956, the Communist Party, displeased with his reforms, removed him from office and replaced him with Ludek Jurosklaw.

After his ouster, Szeika grew increasingly fearful of assassination. He eventually escaped to San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos Islands. However, Jeuger found out about Szeika's whereabouts. In 1965, Sikaw was fatally shot by Leubantian secret police officers acting on Jeuger's orders.


  • Szeika is believed to be the only President of Leubantia to have Asperger's Syndrome.