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Javiarñ Oi Mendonça
File:Javiarn Oi Mendonca.png

-7th Speaker of the Lxung Supreme Council-


Political Party
29 February 1958
Cádiz, Spain
Lxung Confucianist Party
Kabriya Pai Suranat
Roman Catholic

Javiarñ Kyazoruk Oi Mendonça was born in Cádiz, Spain to Ojam parents, and is now the current Speaker of the Lxung Supreme Council. He began his career as the owner of a Spanish construction company and then moved to Kcãpon, where he earned a degree in law.

Oi's parents were visiting Spain for business when the Socialist Era in Lxungion began. In 1958, they had their first and only child, born as Javier Mendoza. In 1964, they returned to Runyon in order to assist in the troubled times of the socialist era, but left Oi in Spain under the care of a Catholic boarding school.

In 1977, Oi began a Spanish construction company in Cádiz. It was overall successful. In mid-1979, at age 21, Javier sold his company and received a large sum of money. Javier moved back to Lxungion in September 1979, and changed his name to his name to his Runyonese name, Javiarñ Oi Kyazoruk Mendonça. He was horrified by the conditions of those living in Lxungion at the time, and decided to dedicate his life to freeing the Lxung people. He organized a rebellion in the city of Geñkoo on 27 December. The rebellion loosened the government's grip on its constituents, and on 31 December Ignatius Tun War died of heart failure. At the time, Oi was too young to hold government positions, but he was recognized by the Lxung government nevertheless. He traveled to the University of Geñkoo to receive a degree in law as well as to the Univerity of Sofernao to receive a degree in business. In 1990, Oi was appointed to the Lower Council of Runyon and in 2000, he was elected to the Lxung Supreme Council. In 2010, he was elected as Speaker of the Lxung Supreme Council.