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Jefferson Aligong, 1403.

Jefferson Aligong was the second politician to take the role of shredient, holding the position from 1409 to 1416, a total of seven years as shredient.

Born in Grafe-Mollen in 1357, Jefferson Aligong originally worked as a teacher in his home town, but went on to becoming the shredient after joining the IPP Party in 1390. He was known for having a long and dedicated career in politics, and running a very long and tiresome campaign which after several years eventually grabbed the votes of much of Cortolowe.


At the age of 27 Jefferson Aligong became a teacher at the Pebble Education Establishment in Grafe-Mollen, primarily teaching philosophy. After 6 years working in education, he joined the IPP Party and worked as a politician in Grafe-Mollen for 11 years. In 1395 Jefferson joined the Ubllar Party. After 4 years of working for the party, he returned back to IPP and became leader of the party a year later. In 1402, he began a campaign to get the IPP Party chosen as the leading planetary government. After his request to get an early election failed, he continued to run his campaign until he grabbed the votes of much of the planet (primarily due to his long and loyal career, making him well-known in the political world). In 1409, his party was elected as the leading government and he was made shredient. He worked as shredient up to the age of 59, where he then retired in 1416, putting vice president Wyatt Hunter in charge who ran the party as shredient for 3 years.


Jefferson was a busy man who had no time for family. He was a man who only had interest in those involved with his career, or those who could potentially improve it. His one goal was to become shredient and run the leading government, which he successfully achieved. Despite dedicating his life to work, he enjoyed what he did.

He had a permanent home in Grafe-Mollen which he inherited from his parents who passed away in 1378. He stayed with relatives in Ubllar for four years while he worked for the Ubllar Party.

Jefferson was known for being able to play the piano extremely well. He was often found playing it whilst in his office during 1409 to 1416 while part of the leading government.


Jefferson passed away at the age of 78 in 1435 at his home in Grafe-Mollen overnight, whilst in his sleep.


  • Jefferson commended author Kebby Josen in 1411 for her work
  • Jefferson's old workplace, the Pebble Education Establishment, was burnt down in 1380
  • Jefferson and Wyatt were the only people ever to work as shredient in the IPP party.