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Jeffrey Thomas Whiteman
Position: Member of 703rd
Race Human
Gypt III
Education Military commando training
Age 26 Earth years
Height 171 cm
Ethereal Ability unknown
Intelligence Never taken the test
Birth Date 18-5-2387
Birthplace Gypt III, Fields of Mulansar district

I'm loyal to people, not principles, laws or rules. My former superior used to say that makes me a vigilante; I used to tell him, 'I prefer that to being a mindless machine'.

~ Jeffrey Whiteman

Jeffrey Thomas "Jeff" Whiteman is a Human UFSC soldier. Formerly serving in the 552nd commando squad, he got transferred to the 703rd after its destruction in the Battle of Esplanade Central. The loss of his comrades was a huge shock to him, resulting in two weeks of psychiatric aid that eventually helped him regain his mental stability. He's famous - or infamous, especially among officers - for his defiance of discipline and for not taking anything seriously, though the latter is mostly an act he uses to cover his weaknesses. The sole reason he stayed in the military was that he was too valuable to lose to a court martial. He's known as a phenomenal sharpshooter and talented slicer and saboteur. He's also the only soldier known to wield a Heretic energy blade.