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Joe's Garage is the mechanic's station in town. He also offers gas, but most of the tourists get their gas at a stop along the interstate, even though Joe's is cheaper.

Joseph Neely, a Normal owns & runs Joe's Garage.

Hours of Operation Monday to Friday Joe is open 10 to 7, unless there's a game on. In which case he closes early and heads to The Gun Shot to watch it, but if it's an emergency he'll go back and open it.

Saturday he opens at Noon, and closes around three, but since he lives above the garage, if someone (especially a tourist that he can charge twice as much) needs it he'll open.

Sunday he tries not to open, but he will if he has too.

Seasonally he takes a week off and closes it up and goes out of touch at least twice a year. Once to go visit his son and grandchildren, who live in New York, and another in the summer to go camping in the woods. He's unreachable during these times, but leaves the keys with Adam Wakichonze in case someone needs something. During the winter he'll do all the work for the customer, pumping gas and washing the windshield, or scraping it. He also has a snowplow and a tow truck.