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John Martin Gillard (May 6, 1907-April 18, 1986) was a Bancairn politician, member of the Labour Party of Bancairn, and 21st Prime Minister of Bancairn, from 1950 to 1953. He was a Member of Parliament and Government previous to his premiership, as well as an occasional writer and poet.

Early life[]

John Gillard was born in Farnham. He was the son of Andrew Gillard, an iron-worker, and Jemima Rackley, both of modest origins. After a brilliant education in college and high school, Gillard received a grant from the state to go and study pedagogy at the Farnham School of Teachers, to compensate for the lack of educators of the time.

Teaching career (1933-1946)[]

Gillard began working as a teacher of English literature and History in the fall of 1933, first in the 6th year, and then in 8th year. He signed up at the Labour Party the same year and was an active member of the Teacher's Union. As the 1930s passed by, he was prone to many thoughts about the rise of Fascism, Stalinism and the changing world, and often gave special lessons to his students about the current world events.

In 1940, Gillard married Sandra Randall, and they had their first son, Arthur. He was followed by Jonathan, in 1942. In 1943, John Gillard was introduced to Eric Blair by a friend, and both men shared a strong friendship until Blair died in 1949. Gillard's third child, Julia, was supposedly named after the character of the same name in Orwell's 1984.

Political career[]

The 1946 General Elections[]

In 1946, John Gillard ran for the Ministry of Education, and came second to John Grant, a Socialist. During his term as First Delegate to Education, Gillard was also Deputy Leader of the Labour group in the House.

The 1950 General Elections[]

In 1950, the Socialist Party and the Labour Party came together in a Coalition, which ultimately won the Parliament Elections in September. Gillard was elected Prime Minister with 61% of the vote, but it was not a landslide victory for the Labour Party, as Gillard had expected.

Prime Minister: 1950-1953[]

During his term as Prime Minister, Gillard was faced with the beginning of the Cold War, the resurgence of global economy,and the creation of a Welfare State in Bancairn. Many of his policies were directly taken from Gillard's book, The Socialist State.