Joriskivis is an annual heavy metal festival, held at Osokgatrolzauk in City of Ardenjost. Normally it is held on the second weekend of July.


Joriskivis was established in 1960 as a rock 'n' roll festival. The genre has changed gradually, and it has been heavy metal for the last 10 years.

The first Joriskivis was attended by some thousand people. The number of participants has been growing ever since, reaching 21 000 in 2005.

Joriskivis disaster

The worst Joriskivis festival ever was at 7th-9th July 1995.

There was a thunderstorm in afternoon, and it caused some trees to fall down and disturbed electrical supply, so the authorities concentrated in repairing the damages. The Joriskivis organisation managed to repair everything before the first band at 18.00.

A meteorological change happened. Thermohaline satellite 1995Ard17 was predicted to land south of Rjebidif at 19.20. But a second TS was detected, an Scandian one. It come fast from west and the TS's crashed at 18.20. The combination, 1995Ard17B, had a course straight to Keugobil, 6 km northwest from Gatrujarp Valley.

The TS (200,000,000 kg, 35 celsius) touched troposphere at Keugobilfjers 18.29. In few minutes, the wave destroyed the scene, air pressure rose to 1150 mbar and temperature rose to 32 celsius. Hundreds of heavy metal fans died of lack of air, of falling trees or buildings. The members of the band on the died too.

This incident caused terrible outrage in the public. The City Council of Ardenjost resigned, and massive changes were made in meteorological institutions and emergency plans.

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