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Full Name Joseph Matthew Guerrero
Nickname Jose Guerrero
Race Lycan
Occupation Student
Age 17
Birthdate August 13
Address Berglas Family Home
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brown with Blond streaks
Family None known

Basic Info[]

He's been a street kid most of his life, and can't ever remember not being a street kid. He grew up strong enough to protect his little corner, and his little family. He's starting to feel strange things coming on, but he doesn't know what they are.

Physical Appearance[]

He's tall and lean, and very buff. He works out a lot. However, he's pretty scarred up from all the street fights he's been in over the years. He has a few on his forehead and chin, and several on his arms legs and torso. Even a couple from being shot.

Current State[]

Still on the street.


A traditional tough. He tries to keep his little flop space clear of the cops and any of the bigger fish while he gets kids back to where they need to go. But he never leaves.


He's been a street kid all his life and can't remember anything different.


He's the leader and resents anyone trying to take over from him.


To find a home.


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