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Joseph Neely is one of the few Normals in town. It's unclear whether he knows what's going on or not. He owns and runs Joe's Garage.

He's gray haired, and skinny as a rake. He's always happy and rarely sad. His wife died of a heart attack at the age of 69, and he's still going strong two years later at the age of 73. In honor of her memory he works hard to fight heart disease in himself, an donates every year to Heart Disease Research funds.

He has one son in New York, who's married and given him two beautiful grandchildren. The rest of his family really is oblivious to the obvious, partially because they want to be.

As for the rest of the towns members, he gets along well with most everyone, but especially the dwarves and the dragons. The elves keep to themselves and have their own garage, but he works with them as well. But really, doe he know what he's working with? Or is he just as oblivious as his son?