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Judicad Loira[]

Judicad is Tyl's father, trader, and the person with which Teal arranges Qura's marriage to Intael through.

Because Judicad's work brings him daily to a market stall some distance from his home, but must keep most of his wares secure at home, Tyl finds this a great opportunity to steal some traveling essentials. After Qura disappears, Judicad is enraged and demands that Teal come with him to hunt down his wayward daughter or else forfeit the bride-price he has already paid the Auria family. The two and several other friends then embark on a wild chase for their justice, aided through their use of blood magic's tracking feature.

By the time Tyl's team returns to Aeutaril, relations between Judicad and Teal have completely collapsed.