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Full Name Kabecka Jagluiperd
Nickname Becka
Race Lycan
Occupation Student
Age 12
Birthdate March 21
Address Berglas Family Home
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Family Zesiro Jagluiperd, brother

Basic Info[]

Kabecka is a member of the Berglas Family Home along with her brother. She's suffering from post traumatic stress, and will be getting therapy soon.

Physical Appearance[]

Like her brother she's a dark mix between African and Hispanic. Her long kinky hair is always tightly pulled back into a single braid, but the braid appears to use more than simply three strands.

She also has a similar scar on her left leg running from ankle to knee where she had to dig out a tracking mechanism.

Another scar skids across her right arm, where a man tried to cut her up when she wouldn't become his whore.

Current State[]

Almost catatonic, only responds to Zesiro Jagluiperd. She will eat if he brings her the food, and she'll listen to what he wants her to do, but she becomes frantic if he's not around.


So shy she's catatonic.


She's an illegal alien brought up from somewhere in South America by a group of scientists who wish to study her unusual DNA. After fleeing them she hid on the streets for a time.


Only interacts with Z, her brother. She doesn't panic when only Veronica Fox or Jose Guerrero is in the room either. However, any other stranger by themselves will cause her to panic.




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