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Kaidong (海東, "East of the Sea") is the smallest (113km long and between 40 and 90km wide) and least populous (1,009,155 as of 2007) of the three main islands of Surea, located south of Gisu and east of the island of Honpura.

Kaidong, usually refers to the main island and its surrounding islets, covers about 12,684 square kilometres and consists of two prefectures: Kenga, and Kepura. Across the Inland Sea lie Shinkata, Miyubi, Senmori, and Suyu Prefectures on Honpura. To the north lie Lekong and Jusugu Prefectures on Gisu.

The 64th largest island by area in the world, Kaidong is smaller than Samar, but larger than Palawan.

Mountains running north and south divide Kaidong into a narrow western subregion, fronting on the Inland Sea, and a eastern part facing the eastern side of East China Sea. Most of the 1 million inhabitants live in the northwest, and most of the island's few larger cites are located there. Mount Ratakura (石龜山) in Hapasugu at 1,728m is the highest mountain on the island. Industry is moderately well developed and includes the processing of ores from the important Besshi copper mine. Land is used intensively. Wide alluvial areas, especially in the southern part of the zone, are planted with rice and subsequently are double cropped with winter wheat and barley. Fruit is grown throughout the western area in great variety, including citrus fruits, persimmons, peaches, and grapes.

The larger eastern area of Kaidong is mountainous and sparsely populated. The only significant lowland is a small alluvial plain at Kenga city, the prefectural capital. The area's mild winters stimulated some truck farming, specializing in growing out-of-season vegetables under plastic covering. Two crops of rice can be cultivated annually in the southern area. The pulp and paper industry took advantage of the abundant forests and hydroelectric power.

The major river in Kaidong is the Inosugu River (紀川). It runs 76km from its source close to Mount Ratakura, flowing basically southeast to northwest across the boundaries of Kepura and Kenga Prefectures, reaching the sea at the city of Kongkai.

Unlike the other two major islands of Surea, Kaidong has no volcanoes.

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