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The Kamazen Hazeryn (Rymeth: 'Mountains who put forth') is a mountain range in northern Rymethus, which is identified as being the source of the great Aenusel Vyudel. Lower and rather gentler in both terrain and climate than the mountains to its north, it is however still a formidable range. The Hazeryn mountains lead to the Akamo mountains in the east, the Kashykarz mountains in the southwest, and the Turumar mountains in the north.

Terrain and Ecology[]

The Kamazen Hazeryn runs in a general northeast-southwest direction, branching out southwards from the Kamazen Turumar and then 'ending' at its junction with the Kamazen Kashykarz, which runs northwest-southeast. The Kamazen Akamo branches out from it eastwards. A land comprising great numbers of valleys, rivers and streams, the mountains are divided into three subranges:

  • The central range, which surrounds the main valley known as the Vaymate Vyudel along which the Vyudel flows.
  • The eastern range, which is roughly parallel to the main range before suddenly bending out to the east, leading into the Akamo.
  • The western range, which is the largest of the three and has the highest mountains; it is an extension of the 'spine' of very high mountains that form the southern Erumar/Turumar range, which stretches across all of northernmost Rymethus.